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Health & Wellness Services Division of Student Affairs

Open Positions

Job Opportunities

Listings and applications for jobs at Health & Wellness Services are posted on the WSU Jobs website. Our current open positions are listed below.

Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant position is responsible for performing duties required to assist health care professionals at Health & Wellness Services. The duties of the position include, but are not limited to: assist in the examination and treatment of ambulatory patients; preparation of patient and environment for treatment; may conduct basic laboratory tests; perform electrocardiogram; care of the patient after treatment; patient education, clerical reception functions; and other duties assigned.

Health Educator

The Health Educator will implement evidence-informed programs and interventions to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of students. Responsibilities include the supporting development, coordination, and provision of a variety of health promotion programs with a specific focus on coordinating mandatory alcohol and other drug prevention programs for incoming students. This is a full-time (40 hours/week) position requiring evening and weekend availability to support programming efforts.

Mid-Level Practitioner

Health & Wellness Services (HWS) mid-level practitioner provides primary care for WSU students. This practice requires competence in general medicine, gynecology, sports medicine, trauma, infectious disease including STD’s, dermatology, psycho-social medicine and as applicable women’s health using current standards of care.

Medical Director

The Health & Wellness Services Medical Director has responsibility for the clinical coordination, management, and oversight of the day-to-day operation of the Medical Clinic and is also directly involved in patient care activities and has involvement with extra-departmental activities related to health and wellbeing of the University Community.


Health & Wellness Services’ physicians provide primary care for WSU students. This practice requires competence in general medicine, gynecology, sports medicine, trauma, infectious diseases including STIs, minor surgical skills, dermatology, women’s health and psychosocial medicine using current standards of care. In-house referrals are encouraged when appropriate; local and regional specialists are available for referral as needed. Patients needing counseling may be referred to WSU Student Counseling Center, to the staff psychiatrist, or to other community mental health professionals. In all interactions preventive care, patient education and cost effective practice styles are valued.

Student Employment

Health & Wellness Services hires students for graduate assistantships and hourly student employment. You can find and apply for jobs through CougLink, WSU’s electronic job board for students. We do not have any open positions at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways students can get involved at Health & Wellness Services.