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Health & Wellness Services Division of Student Affairs

Eligibility for accessing services

Enrolled WSU students who have been charged the health fee (mandatory at 7 credits or more) have access to health care services at HWS for the semester for which the fee was assessed.

Fee coverage dates

  • Fall semester coverage begins the Monday two weeks prior to the first day of classes and continues through December 31st
  • Spring semester coverage begins on January 1st and continues through the week following commencement
  • Summer coverage begins the Monday after commencement and continues one week after the last day of the final summer session

Opting in

Students in the following categories may elect to pay the health fee for access to health care services for that semester:

  • Students enrolled in less than 7 credits (fall/spring semester) or less than 3 credits in the summer
  • Students enrolled through Extended University Services in internship programs
  • Students enrolled through regional campuses
  • Students enrolled in spring semester and returning in the fall may have access during the summer by paying the summer health fee
  • New students registered for fall semester who are attending new student orientation programs (e.g. Alive! orientation) have access to HWS while on campus by paying the summer health fee


The health fee is generally nonrefundable. However, students who are enrolled but not physically located at WSU Pullman may submit a Health Fee Petition Form to be considered for a refund.

Upon withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment from the University, a refund of the health fee may be denied if the student has utilized health services prior to withdrawal/cancellation of enrollment.

If a student completes a full cancellation of enrollment from classes and has not accessed services at either Health & Wellness Services or Counseling & Psychological Services within the first 10 days of class (or five days for the summer session), they will receive a full refund of their health fee. Cancellations after this time period will not be eligible for health fee refund.

Other campuses

Students enrolled at WSU campuses other than Pullman should review their respective campus resources to learn about available health services: