Health & Wellness Services Division of Student Affairs



General Information

When is HWS Open?

Our current hours can be found on the hours and location page.

How do I make an appointment?
Call 509-335-3575 or schedule online through the Patient Portal.

Where is HWS located?
HWS is located in the Washington Building on the WSU Pullman campus.

Where can I park during my appointment?
Free parking is available only during the time you visit HWS at the gated lot on the west side of the Washington building, adjacent to our main entrance. You will need to deposit a token (available within HWS) to exit the lot.

Can I get a written excuse from my doctor for missing class?
Consistent with University Policy, our providers do not provide written excuses for students missing class. A letter is available from HWS for instructors requiring a doctor’s note to excuse an absence.

Available Health Care and Access

What services does HWS offer?
As a student, you have access to a range of health services at the only accredited outpatient medical clinic in the area. Our physicians are board certified with expertise in college health. The pharmacy is conveniently located inside the medical clinic.

What if a student needs continuing care for an existing condition?
If you have an existing condition, we encourage you to schedule an introductory appointment to get to know one of our physicians. Bring your medical records or have them transferred to our clinic before your visit.

Are same-day appointments available?
We offer same-day and scheduled appointments. A registered nurse is available to answer health care questions 24/7 (509-335-3575). In emergencies, students should call 911 or go to the emergency room at the hospital.

Who can use HWS?
Students enrolled in 7 or more credits are charged the mandatory health fee with tuition that maintains the availability of basic services to students. Part-time students can elect to pay the health fee to access services. Learn more about eligibility.

Can my spouse or child be seen at HWS?
Although our pharmacy is available to everyone, health care services are not generally available to spouses or children. Spouses/partners of graduate and professional students can enroll in our PASS Program to obtain access to some services.

What health care services are available to students who attend regional campuses?
Students enrolled at the Spokane, Yakima, Tri-Cities and Vancouver campuses should review their respective campus resources to learn about available health services.

Health Fee

What is the health fee?
The health fee maintains the availability of basic services for students. Every student taking 7 or more credits is automatically charged the health fee with tuition for the fall and spring semesters. The summer health fee is charged for all students enrolled in any of the sessions offered. The health fee does not cover all services available at the clinic and is not an insurance plan.

How much is the health fee?
You can view the current health fee on the WSU Budget Office Web site.

Can the health fee be refunded if I don’t access services at HWS?
The health fee is generally nonrefundable. However, students who are enrolled but not physically located at WSU Pullman may submit a Health Fee Petition Form to be considered for a refund.

Upon withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment from the University, a refund of the health fee may be denied if the student has utilized health services prior to withdrawal/cancellation of enrollment.


Do students need health insurance?
As of January 1, 2014 everyone is required to have health insurance. For information on the fee for not having health insurance, visit Low-cost insurance options are available through the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange.

Medical Records & Confidentiality

Who may access medical records?
Federal and state regulations prohibit us from discussing health information with anyone other than the patient without written permission. To maintain privacy, all charges except the health fee will appear on student accounts as “Student Health Center” charges. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

How do I access my records or transfer them to/from another health care provider?
Submit a Consent to Send or Receive Health Information Form.

Can parents access a student’s medical records?
Not without consent from the student/patient.

Costs & Payments

How do students pay for charges?
We bill most major insurance plans. Any portion of your bill not covered by insurance will be applied to your WSU student account (you will not receive a bill from HWS). The pharmacy also bills most major insurance plans and then accepts cash, credit or bank debit cards, checks and CougarCards.

A Financial Assistance Program is available for eligible students. If you have concerns about your ability to pay for charges, please contact our Billing and Insurance office at 509-335-3575.

Immunizations & Vaccines

How do students comply with the University’s measles requirement?
Students must complete and submit proof of immunity. The relevant forms are available on our Forms page.
Do students need to get a meningitis vaccine?
Meningitis is a rare but potentially deadly disease. We recommend all students get vaccinated – especially those in dense living situations such as residence halls and Greek housing. If a student has not already been vaccinated when they arrive on campus, the vaccine is available at our medical clinic.

HWS Governing Body and Policy

How is HWS Governed?
HWS is led by an Executive Director, a physician, appointed by and responsible to President Floyd. The Executive Director is advised on general issues by the Advisory Committee (CSHAC) and on day-to-day matters by the HWS Administrative Team.

Provider Credentials

All HWS health care providers are licensed in Washington State, participate in the HWS peer review process, and are re-credentialed annually at HWS. The credentialing process includes reviewing for any licensure and/or Medicare/Medicaid sanctions, reports to the National Practitioners Databank as well as requesting and receiving approval for certain privileges. There are a wide range of privileges at HWS including surgical and traumatic, orthopedics, gynecology, otolaryngology, urology, and psychiatry.