Health & Wellness Services Division of Student Affairs

Green Dot Program

Green Dot is a violence prevention program that focuses on making our campus safer by empowering bystanders to become active members in reducing power-based personal violence (for example: sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking). It’s important for every student to know what to do when they see or find themselves in a risky or potentially violent situation.

Rather than the potential victim, it is often the friends and fellow students who notice the situation and are in the best position to intervene. Intervening may be challenging, but the best thing students can do is to know how these types of violence (e.g., dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault) take place and be prepared with options for intervention. We haven’t yet met a student who regretted being prepared. We do, however, often meet students who say, “I wish I would have done something.” 

Join our Green Dot community:

Learn more about WSU policies and other campus resources for stalking, dating violence and sexual assault.

For immediate support, contact WSU Counseling and Psychological Services or Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse