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Health & Wellness Services Division of Student Affairs



e-CHUG is an interactive, confidential web survey that allows you to enter information about your drinking patterns and receive personalized feedback about your alcohol use. e-CHUG enables you to monitor changes in your drinking patterns and can alert you to potentially dangerous drinking habits.

Whether or not you chose to drink, e-CHUG is a valuable tool for understanding your drinking patterns or even empowering you to help someone you care about who may be drinking at a level that’s concerning.

The online assessment takes about 15–20 minutes to complete and is self-guided. The personalized feedback includes useful information about:

  • Quantity and frequency of alcohol use
  • Amount consumed
  • Average WSU student drinking habits
  • Physical health information
  • Amount and percent of income spent on alcohol
  • Negative consequences of drinking
  • Explanations, advice, and local referral information

e-CHUG is mandatory

All incoming first-year and transfer students on the Pullman campus who are degree-seeking and under the age of 21 as of August 1, 2017 are required to take the e-CHUG online survey. This includes students living on- or off-campus, and those attending part- or full-time.

Some students are not required to complete e-CHUG, including students who do not attend the Pullman campus and students over the age of 21 as of August 1, 2017.

Other mandatory programs

In addition to e-CHUG, you may need to complete other mandatory programs.

Online access instructions

To take e-CHUG, you’ll need:

  • Internet access
  • Access to Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • 15–20 minutes of uninterrupted time

Steps to complete e-CHUG:

  1. Visit e-CHUG and click “I have not completed the eCHECKUP TO GO previously.”
  2. Write down or screen shot your user ID number. You will need this if you want to access e-CHUG later and monitor your drinking patterns or to confirm your completion.
  3. Click “begin” and complete the survey.
  4. Review your survey feedback.
  5.  To receive credit for e-CHUG, you must submit an Electronic Verification of Completion (EVC). Failure to submit your EVC will result in a hold on your student account.  To submit your EVC, click “Verify completion of your eCHECKUP TO GO” on the Resources tab.
  6. Check the box confirming you want to verify you completed e-CHUG.
  7. Type your name, email, and WSU ID number. Select “Health Promotion Health and Wellness Services” to send your verification to us.
  8. Agree to terms of service.
  9. Print your certificate if you want to. After the screen reads “Verification Complete,” you can log out.

Student account hold

e-CHUG is a mandatory requirement. If you do not compete e-CHUG and submit your EVC, you will have a hold on your student account which prevents you from registering for next semester.

The only way to remove the hold is to complete the survey and submit your EVC. Temporary removal of a hold is not an option. Holds will be lifted every Friday after we receive your EVC. If after that timeframe you still have a hold on your account, please email us.

Additional questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (Note: Per WSU’s email policy, responses to emailed inquiries may only be sent to your official WSU email account.)